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Create Perfect 360º VR Images on your Smartphone

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The BubbleScope™ is a lens attachment which works with the camera in your Smartphone and our free BubblePix™ App, to instantly capture the world around you in a single 360º image or video. We call these Bubbles!

The BubbleScope is a world first and the only way to capture both single-shot 360º stills and video with your phone.


BubblePod™ is a clockwork turntable that rotates your smartphone smoothly and silently. As it spins, our free BubblePix™ App creates a perfect 360º image. No messy joins. No batteries. No hassle. Just perfect Bubbles!

The BubblePod takes all the human error out of taking 360 pictures, holding your phone and keeping it all smooth and level. So you can just sit back and let it do its thing. Time for a 360 selfie!