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The BubbleScope™ is a lens attachment which works with the camera in your Smartphone and our free BubblePix™ App, to instantly capture the world around you in a single 360º image or video. We call these Bubbles!

The BubbleScope is a world first and the only way to capture both single-shot 360º stills and video with your phone.

What about iPhone 6/6S?

We're currently trialling production of an iPhone 6/6S case. In the meantime, you can buy any BubbleScope variant and download an STL file for free here. An STL file can be sent to any 3D printing service to create your own iPhone 6/6S compatible BubbleScope case.

How do I do it?

  1. Download the free BubblePix App and create your free account on
  2. Attach the BubbleScope case to your Smartphone and clip on your BubbleScope.
  3. Open the App and get Bubbling!
  4. Use your account to store your Bubbles and share them with the world using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Tell me more!

The BubbleScope's mirror system and 360 lens allows you to capture the whole 360 degree environment in a single camera frame so you can capture fully immersive 360º video as well as instant 360º still images. You use your smartphone’s camera resolution to shoot a much wider field of view than normal so you don't get the resolution density in any one area, but the trade off is a totally immersive field of view. If you want a perfect high resolution still image, just check out our BubblePod.

Shooting Bubbles allows you to capture experiences in a new and unique way. Because the BubbleScope captures everything around it all the time, being ‘behind the camera’ becomes a thing of the past. Capturing the moment no longer means you're not also part of the action! Just clip on your BubbleScope, hit record and get going!

Because the BubbleScope uses mirrors it does work better in well-lit or sunny places because low-light conditions can result in grainy imaging. The BubbleScope is about the fun of capturing and sharing a moment of life in 360º, not high definition imaging.

Different Smartphones have different cameras. How does that affect the Bubbles?

The BubbleScope is optimised for the iPhone 5 and above (but still works well with the iPhone 4 and 4S!), and Blackberry Z10 which all make the most of their higher quality cameras. Essentially, the better the resolution in the handset, the better the Bubbles when capturing in still-mode. Video resolution is the same on most phones, however the video frame rate on the iPhone 4 is limited by its hardware and therefore slightly lower.

Still Bubble shot using iPhone 5:

Still Bubble shot using iPhone 4S:

Still Bubble shot using iPhone 4:

Still Bubble shot using BlackBerry Z10:

Designed to fit into your life as well as capture it.

The BubbleScope has a compact design with retractable high quality glass optics. This ensures you get the best quality Bubbles and also protects the optics when not in use. It also makes it easy to carry so it’s with you when you want it, not at home because it doesn’t fit in your pocket! The BubbleScope comes with a neoprene protection pouch that has an integrated cleaning cloth. So you can throw it in your bag without worrying about it and always keep it tiptop condition when you’re on the move. 

The BubbleScope comes with a special case that connects the BubbleScope to your Smartphone and aligns it precisely with the camera. The case is smart, discrete and protects your Phone when the BubbleScope is not connected. So when you want to use the BubbleScope you can simply clip it on. No removing cases or messing about. It’s a robust connection too so it stays connected no matter what you get up to!

What’s in the Box?

  • BubbleScope
  • BubbleScope Smartphone Case
  • BubbleScope Neoprene Protection Pouch and cleaning cloth
  • Instruction leaflet
  • Activation code for BubblePix App and user account